Coach Dulce Loehn, MSM

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Coach Dulcee Loehn, MSM

Coach Dulce Loehn, MSMAbout Coach Dulcee

Dulcee Loehn, MSM is a Trusted Business Advisor, Published Author, and Professional Speaker.  Dulcee Loehn offers over 20 years of executive management experience, as well as extensive experience in all aspects of small to medium business management.

Dulcee is a certified FocalPoint Business Coach and is President of FocalPoint Business Performance of Tampa Bay, Inc.  

Dulcee is passionate about helping her clients realize their goals and aspirations for their businesses.  Through coaching, she can live her purpose of improving the professional and personal lives of business owners, pushing them to new levels of success, prosperity and fulfillment

As a trusted business advisor, Dulcee forms partnerships with her clients.  Utilizing the FocalPoint system, powered by Brian Tracy, she works with her clients to improve all areas of their business, thereby maximizing revenue, profitability, and return on investment.
In addition to being a coach for business owners and executives, Dulcee is also an experienced and sought after trainer and speaker.   Dulcee was the first coach asked by FocalPoint International to be a trainer of incoming coaches as well as a Coach's Coach.  Dulcee offers presentations and workshops throughout the state of Florida to organizations, executives and business owners.

Dulcee holds a Masters of Science degree in Management & Organizational Effectiveness from the University of South Florida and has been a Tampa Bay area resident for over 25 years.

Navigational Coaching

Dulcee is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, including:

Dulcee Loehn Award Recipient

• 2011 winner, Campbell Fraser Award for Coaching Excellence
• 2011 winner, Kaizen Award
• 2011 winner, Leaders Leading Leaders Award
• 2011 finalist, Brian Tracy Award for Sales Excellence
• 2011 finalist, Coaching Practice of the Year
• 2010 nominee, Tampa Bay Business Journal Woman of the Year

Project PUP

Project Pup5% of proceeds from Dulcee's book sales and speaking engagements go to Project PUP, where Dulcee is a certified dog therapist!

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Pushing to the Front

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Instructional Workshops

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Dulcee offers workshops on topics such as:

•    Navigational Coaching
•    Process Management
•    Change Management
•    Leadership

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